six-word memoirs

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Six-word memoirs. I first heard about them listening to one of my favorite morning radio shows while driving to work.  That was 10 years ago. It wasn’t until a few days ago that this idea was brought to the surface again. What an awesome way to introduce the idea of a personal narrative. So, I tried it out on my husband and here are his examples.

Two kids, my life changed forever

Lifetime friends, football lives on forever

Beautiful fall day, young, married forever

30 below, fishing slow, great company

Thomson Hall 1999, future wife met

These are mine:

Little boy who stole my heart

Her blue eyes shine so bright

A diamond ring and cheese curds

Wausau West High Class of 1997

Two kids. How about one more?

Life sentence to high school drama

Now it is your turn to go out there and try your own six-word memoirs.



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3 responses to “six-word memoirs

  1. Kenarae Luzinski


  2. Lol…always the great baby debate;) Have some opposing viewpoints!

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